2024 Yearly Horoscope for Taurus

Horoscope predictions of the year 2024 for the Zodiac Sign "Taurus"

Free Yearly Forecast with general and career reports.

Yearly Horoscope '2021 Predictions with General Forecast, Career, Sign, Ruling Planet, Ruling House, Element, Compatible Zodiac Signs, Birth Date, Personalities born under Taurus, Lucky Colors, Lucky Numbers for the Zodiac Sign "Taurus".

Your zodiac sign is Taurus, if your birthday is between Apr 20 - May 20

Taurus, The enduring one. Your Qualities include Charming, Warm-Hearted, Strong, Secure and Headstrong.

Sign: Bull
Ruling planet: Venus
Ruling house: Second
Element: Earth
Compatible zodiac signs: Cancer, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces
Personalities born under this sign: Rabindranath Tagore, Queen Elizabeth, William Shakespeare, David Beckham, Janet Jackson
Lucky colors: Blue, Blue-Green
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51

General Report

Your love of the good life motivates you to accomplish some great things this year!

Venus, goddess of love and money, is your ruler and as she starts the year out in experimental Aquarius (Venus in Pisces January 1), your mind opens to new ideas in both areas. You’re more comfortable, though, when she enters your sign in early March until early April and then again in Libra (the other signs she rules) for about three weeks at the end of October. Pleasure and passion combine now to help you enjoy the finer things in life. The one retrograde period your ruler experiences is from mid-May to end of June, during her trip through curious Gemini, causing you to ponder the dualities of love and money. While you can’t imagine living life without a lot of either, it’s interesting to consider the alternatives.

The sun spends time in your comfort-conscious, earthy sign between mid-April and end of May, so happy birthday beautiful, loyal Taurus! You’re ready to work hard in exchange for the pleasures that life has to offer—especially beauty and abundance. You don’t have to apologize for loving beautiful things—this essential part of your nature is what drives you to succeed. Your senses are awakened now, and you fall in love with gourmet food, fine wine, expensive perfume, luxurious linens and beautiful artwork.

And don’t forget that Uranus, the planet of change, is moving along in your steady sign all year, causing upheaval in a lot of areas. Although it’s only retrograded until January 10, it cycles back again to a retrograde cycle in mid-August until the end of the year. So, what this means for you, dear Taurus, is rolling with the changes. Not your forte but being as open-minded and flexible as possible will get you through some rough patches during this progressive transit.

Career Report

You’re all about that money, but will your career goals and financial results meet your high expectations this year?

On a positive note, hardworking Saturn starts the year again in the sign it rules, ambitious, dedicated Capricorn—which means the chance to achieve your goals is excellent. Its entry into individualistic Aquarius toward the end of March helps you consider unique and out-of-the-ordinary situations, so a job change into a totally different field might be on the horizon. Saturn turns retrograde in early May, causing you to reconsider a career-related opportunity, and then goes direct again in Capricorn in late September. All this movement in this ambitious planet reminds you not to give up. Keep working toward your goals, Taurus. You’ll get there.

Uranus traveling in your sign this year is a big indicator of financial shakeups, possibly on a major level. You’ve probably already been experiencing the energy of this transit that started back in May of 2018 and has been challenging you to branch out in financial situations ever since. As a fixed sign focused on financial stability, this could be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face. But big risks earn big rewards, which help bolster your (probably already-impressive) bottom line. Luckily, Taurus, the two retrograde periods (the first brief one at the start of the year and ending in mid-January; the second starting mid-August and lasting through the end of the year) will give you a break and a chance to collect your thoughts before battling those financially-challenging demons again in 2021.
This yearly horoscope is for those who born with zodiac sign Taurus.

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