2024 Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn

Horoscope predictions of the year 2024 for the Zodiac Sign "Capricorn"

Free Yearly Forecast with general and career reports.

Yearly Horoscope '2021 Predictions with General Forecast, Career, Sign, Ruling Planet, Ruling House, Element, Compatible Zodiac Signs, Birth Date, Personalities born under Capricorn, Lucky Colors, Lucky Numbers for the Zodiac Sign "Capricorn".

Your zodiac sign is Capricorn, if your birthday is between Dec 22 - Jan 19

Capricorn, The Go-Getter. Your qualities include Patience, Hard-Working, Wise, Practical and Ambitious.

Sign: Goat
Ruling planet: Saturn
Ruling house: Ninth
Element: Earth
Compatible zodiac signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo
Personalities born under this sign: Elvis Presley, Mohammad Rafi, Sir Issac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, Marilyn Monroe
Lucky colors: Brown, Steel, Grey, Black
Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17

General Report

Combine the old with the new to be more successful this year.
Your home planet Saturn arrived in your practical sign back in December of 2017 and continues that trip for part of this year as well. You should be especially focused on your goals now and may be particularly in tune with your ultimate purpose in life. You must be willing to make changes to meet your full potential, but a hardworking Goat is never afraid to do whatever it takes to climb to the top. Development and progress in all areas of life are possible this year if you focus on yourself and what’s most important.

A Saturn retrograde period begins in mid-May, after Saturn has moved into free-thinking Aquarius (back toward the end of March). This retrograde cycle gives you some breathing room and encourages you to look back on the past several months for areas in your life that could use a do-over.

The sun visits your disciplined sign at the end of December, so happy birthday ambitious, goal-oriented Capricorn! You’re an understated sign who prefers to keep your head down and work toward your goals for the most part, but during your birthday month you might come alive in unexpected ways. Most people might not know you have a wicked sense of humor that you express in a sarcastic tone, or that Christmas is your favorite holiday! Sharing more of yourself with others will broaden your social circle.

Career Report

The equation hasn’t changed: Hard work + dedication = success.

Your home planet Saturn rules your drive and motivation, and because it’s traveling in your steady sign for the first three months of the year, you have ambition galore. In other words, work your butt off now and you’ll see the rewards eventually. There’s little question about your dedication, and it would be a huge surprise if you weren’t financially rewarded for your efforts at work

Aggressive Mars also pairs up with your ambitious sign in the middle of February, boosting your earning potential even more. Again, if you’ve been working hard, you will be rewarded. And if you’re looking for a job at that time, more doors should be opening to you. Showing a potential employer that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done puts you far ahead of your competition. What you lack in skills or experience, Capricorn, you more than make up for it in your effort and willingness to learn

Jupiter is the planet that is most associated with luck, and because it’s also traveling in your responsible sign this year, there really won’t be any such thing as easy money. You could get lucky here and there, but your major financial windfalls will come directly from hard work. Look forward to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the very end of the year; this transit during the last week of 2021 will put you in a great position to take advantage of an opportunity. Grab it before it’s gone forever!
This yearly horoscope is for those who born with zodiac sign Capricorn.

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