2024 Yearly Horoscope for Leo

Horoscope predictions of the year 2024 for the Zodiac Sign "Leo"

Free Yearly Forecast with general and career reports.

Yearly Horoscope '2021 Predictions with General Forecast, Career, Sign, Ruling Planet, Ruling House, Element, Compatible Zodiac Signs, Birth Date, Personalities born under Leo, Lucky Colors, Lucky Numbers for the Zodiac Sign "Leo".

Your zodiac sign is Leo, if your birthday is between Jul 23 - Aug 22

Leo, The Boss. Your qualities include Organized, Generous, Warm hearted, Sensitive and Full of themselves.

Sign: Lion
Ruling planet: Sun
Ruling house: Fifth
Element: Fire
Compatible zodiac signs: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra
Personalities born under this sign: Vijayalakshmi Pandit, Neil Armstrong, Bill Clinton, P.B. Shelly, Henry Ford
Lucky colors: Gold, Orange, White, Red
Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22

General Report

Be the best Lion you can be in 2021!

You love basking in attention so it’s only fitting that your ruler is the ego-boosting sun. When 2021 begins the sun is in earthy, responsible Capricorn, so you’ll find yourself doing things for the sense of accomplish more than the glory. That all changes by the end of July, however, when the sun moves into your flashy sign and welcomes in your birthday month. Happy birthday expressive, creative Leo! Your mood is outgoing and playful, and you crave strong reactions to your antics. For the next four weeks you’re the life of the party, and you add the color and drama that’s been missing from your loved ones’ lives.

The emotional moon is the yin to the sun’s egotistical yang, so the new Cancer moon/solar eclipse at the end of June is also enlightening for you, Leo. This highly reflective time brings some uncomfortable emotional topics to the surface that you won’t be able to hide from, and it might feel as though you aren’t yourself. Your personality can’t ever truly be blocked, as the sun is now by the moon, but it can be subdued. Take a clue from this relatively somber time and make room for new emotional beginnings.

Wounded Chiron is also traveling in driven Aries (who rules the first house of self and is a fellow fire sign) this year - which can throw you full on into “who am I?” mode. An identity crisis is one of your worst nightmares and can put a lot of stress on your ego. Luckily you get a break from this angsty energy between the beginning of July and middle of December, when this troubling pair goes retrograde and gives you some room to remember who you truly are.

Career Report

You’ve got the tools to build success in 2021.

Mars, the planet of action, enters ambitious Capricorn mid-February, so working overtime might become the norm as you move toward your career goals. This energy drives you to succeed, and you will see a lot of progress if you can stay focused. This is the time to think big, Leo. Show your boss or clients why they can count on you to deliver when it really counts. When you make your job your top priority, success is all but guaranteed.

A big transit to be aware of affecting your finances this year is Uranus moving along in Taurus, with its retrograde period from mid-August until the end of the year. While direct, Uranus in Taurus will mess with your money, but not necessarily in a bad way. What will be different? You name it. Another thing this transit could bring is a change of career, or a second job to supplement your current one. Technology might be part of this switch, Leo, so keep your eye on all the latest tech news.

Easy money and Jupiter go together, but with this expansive planet spending most of the year in hardworking Capricorn, you aren’t in for many free rides. A Mars-Jupiter square toward the end of October is an excellent time to start new work projects and to take the risks necessary to reach success on a major scale. You’ll have to find a way to harness your excess energy and funnel it into something positive, though, or you could come off somewhat tactless. Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person could cost you a big opportunity.
This yearly horoscope is for those who born with zodiac sign Leo.

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