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Vishakham (Vishakha) Nakshatra

Today's Horoscope for Vishakham / Vishakha / Visakam / Vishaakha

Daily updated horoscope for the nakshatram Vishakham (Vishakha)

Get today's predication for Vishakham nakshatram based on Indian Vedic Astrology. It has forecasts on health, emotional life, personal life, profession, travel, luck and fortune analysis for Wednesday, 29 January 2020 .

The Nakshatra Vishakham (in Malayalam) is known as Vishakha (in Sanskrit), Visakam (in Tamil), Vishaakha (in Telugu) and Vishakha (in Kannada)

Health Prediction:

Your tensions are arising due to health problems. Improper diet has weakened your immune system’s ability to fight against ailments. Expenditure may increase on medicines but don’t worry, everything will be alright soon.

Emotional Life:

You will be lost in mental dilemma in the first half of the day. Later, however, you will adopt a conciliatory attitude.

Personal Life:

You may have disputes with your partner today, so control your anger. Remember that every relationship takes some time to settle down. There may be some tensions in the family or neighborhood. Tackle personal relationships patiently.

Professional Life:

At work, carefully plan your moves to avoid hidden risks. Don’t let minor interruptions distract you from achieving your goals. Financial gains are on the cards. Unemployed persons can get a job offer today.


Suddenly, you may need to travel somewhere with the people who are important to you. The trip will be successful.


You will be surprised with many turns of events throughout the day. All you need to do is keep going.

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Vishakham (Vishakha) Nakshatra

Today's Horoscope for Vishakham / Vishakha / Visakam / Vishaakha

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