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Pooradam (Purva Ashadha) Nakshatra

Today's Horoscope for Pooradam / Purva Ashadha / Puradam / Poorvashaadha / Poorvashadha

Daily updated horoscope for the nakshatram Pooradam (Purva Ashadha)

Get today's predication for Pooradam nakshatram based on Indian Vedic Astrology. It has forecasts on health, emotional life, personal life, profession, travel and luck for Wednesday, 29 March 2017 .

The Nakshatra Pooradam (in Malayalam) is known as Purva Ashadha (in Sanskrit), Puradam (in Tamil), Poorvashaadha (in Telugu) and Poorvashadha (in Kannada)

Vedic Name: Purva Shadha

Health Prediction: You will experience a new burst of energy. You are likely to take up a health regime which you have been putting off for quite some time.

Emotional Life: You will display a friendly attitude in your speech and demeanor. Your mood and attitude are appeasing. You shall be full of positivity.

Professional Life: Today is a good day to improve your finances. There is a probability of gaining some unexpected monetary returns. You will get more appreciation at your place of work. You may even be offered an exciting career/business opportunity.

Luck: Your luck will favour you today - especially in matters of wealth and fortune.

Personal Life: You will buy some item of comfort or luxury for your home. Guests may make your evening pleasant and memorable. This would be a perfect day to share your feelings with your partner.

Travel: An opportunity to travel with your colleagues or boss may arise. These trips will prove to be quite beneficial for you.

This horoscope is for those who born with the nakshathra Pooradam.

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